Nuestra selección de historias de investigación de América Latina – 2021

A pesar de la reacción violenta contra los medios de comunicación en América Latina, los periodistas de investigación se han negado a permanecer en silencio. Aquí destacamos ocho de las mejores historias de investigación publicadas en español en la región este año, seleccionando aquellas que priorizaron la colaboración, utilizaron métodos y herramientas de investigación innovadores y aquellas que llegaron a nuevas audiencias.

Editor’s Pick: Best Investigative Stories in Spanish 2018

It’s been a big year for investigative reporters in Latin America, from unveiling high-level corruption to collaborating across countries. They’ve chased down leads on colleagues murdered at the border between Colombia and Ecuador, and covered the biggest migratory crisis in years. The reporters have demonstrated, once again, the importance of coming together to hold those in power to account — often doing it under very difficult conditions. Erika Lozano, editor of GIJN en Español, has gathered some of the best investigative stories published in Spanish during 2018.

Lava Jato: A Case Study in Cross-Border Investigation

What appeared to be a case of money laundering done through a network of laundromats and car washes turned out to be the largest corruption network in Brazilian history, and one that ultimately extended to at least 12 countries. If it weren’t for the collaborative efforts of journalists and media houses across the continent – and into Africa – the whole story could not have been told.