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Brant Houston

3 posts
Birth of GIJN copy

A Global Network for the World’s Investigative Journalists

As we prepare to gather for the 12th Global Investigative Journalism Conference in early November — our first, online-only event — it seems a good time to share again with our colleagues where the Global Investigative Journalism Network and its conferences come from. It was a simple idea at the end of  the 20th century — to gather the world’s investigative journalists to share their knowledge with each other — that gave birth to GIJN, which has now grown to 211 member organizations in 82 countries. 

Global Conference: Call for Research Papers/Abstracts (Closed)

The 10th Global Investigative Journalism Conference, to be held this November 16-19 in Johannesburg, South Africa, will again feature an academic research track, highlighting trends, challenges, teaching methodologies, and best practices in investigative journalism. Here is the call for papers that is going out to journalism professors worldwide.

Data Journalism

Digging for Truth with Data: Computer-Assisted Reporting

The media’s now widespread embrace of data journalism has made the book Computer-Assisted Reporting as relevant as it was 20 years ago. With this newly revised, fourth edition, Brant Houston has expanded on his previous work. Take a look at how to use the tools of the trade.