Distribution & Syndication through Online Platforms

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“Syndicating” content is one way for investigative journalism organizations to widen their readership, increase their visibility, and earn revenue. Arranging such republishing is more feasible and beneficial for established organizations, especially when it comes to online distribution by the tech behemoths. The traditional model of syndication is to place a specific article with a larger publisher, but finding willing publishing partners is not always easy, even if the price is right. For more on Distribution, Promotion, and Freelancing, see our GIJN Guide.There’s testimony on this point from an Italian independent investigative journalism outfit, Investigative Reporting Project Italy (IRPI), profiled by Michele Barbero for GIJN in 2020. “Convincing the Italian media to publish us has always been very difficult,” said Cecilia Anesi, IRPI’s co-founder and president.