Freelancing: Safety and Security

Freelancers are often on their own when it comes to security, both physical and digital, but there are many helpful resources. Help on many topics is available in the resources listed below, and even more are included in these GIJN resource pages:

Safety and Security

Digital Security

Legal Defense

Emergency Aid for Journalists
Working with Your Employer
A first safety step for freelancers should be to see what your publisher will do. For risky assignments insurance may be advisable. Ask whether you are covered under the publisher’s plan. If you are covered, that’s great, but there are some important nuances to check on.

Freelancing: Risk Insurance

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Having insurance while on risky assignments may be a prudent investment and less expensive than you fear. Get the publisher to pay for it if possible. What to insure for? Classic travel problems: missed flights, lost documents, etc. Medical issues: sickness, injury, etc.