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Guess Who’s Coming to Lillehammer?

speakersgijc15From Seoul to Bogotá. From Tromsø to Johannesburg. The list of speakers and participants for GIJC15 at Lillehammer is filling up.

There are just over 100 days before the opening of the ninth Global Investigative Journalism Conference in Lillehammer, Norway. So far we’ve confirmed 61 sessions at the conference, with dozens more to come over the next few weeks.

In the meantime, check out the growing list of speakers and participants that you’re guaranteed to meet at GIJC15. We’ve got Pulitzer Prize winners, top data trainers, cross-border experts, security specialists, and the best diggers from 100 countries coming to speak, train, and network:

Andrew Jennings (UK)
Rana Sabbagh (Jordan)
Marina Walker Guevara (Argentina/USA)
Giannina Segnini (Costa Rica)
Henk van Ess (Netherlands)
Paul Myers (UK)
Syed Nazakat (India)
Paul Radu (Romania)
David Cay Johnston (USA)
Ying Chan (Hong Kong)
Kassim Mohamed (Kenya)
Eliot Higgins (UK)
Kim Yong-jin (Korea)
Miranda Patrucic (Bosnia)
Gustavo Faleiros (Brazil)
Mar Cabra (Spain)
Justin Arenstein (South Africa)
Richard Baker (Australia)
Govindraj Ethiraj (India)
Hamoud Al-Mahmoud (Syria)
Rodney Sieh (Liberia)
Martha Lucia Segrera (Colombia)
Gabriela Manuli (Argentina)
Fredrik Laurin (Sweden)
James B. Steele (USA)
Smari McCarthy (Iceland)
Kunda Dixit (Nepal)
Khadija Sharife (South Africa)
Helena Bengtsson (Sweden)
Anton Harber (South Africa)
David Donald (USA)
Jaimi Dowdell (USA)
Nils Mulvad (Denmark)
Günter Bartsch (Germany)
Tamas Bodoky (Hungary)
Anuska Delic (Slovenia)
Sarah Cohen (USA)
Brant Houston (USA)
Tommy Kaas (Denmark)
Sami El Hajj (Sudan)
Andrew Feinstein (South Africa)
David Leigh (UK)
Margot Williams (USA)
Gary Price (USA)
Drew Sullivan (Bosnia)
Daniel Russell (USA)
Leslee Udwin (UK)
Tom Heinemann (Denmark)
Paul Holden (UK)
Juliana Ruhfus (UK)
Ivan Giodano (Italy)
Nils Hanson (Sweden)
Joachim Dyfvermark (Sweden)
Sven Bergman (Sweden)
Andrew Lehren (USA)
Kristoffer Egeberg (Norway)
Mark Horvit (USA)
John Grobler (Namibia)
David Kaplan (USA)
Firas Fayyad (Syria/Turkey)
Alex Gimson (UK)
Jaimi Dowdell (USA)
Lena Groeger (USA)
Tom Meagher (USA)
Crina Boros (UK)
Ola Haram (Norway)
Sameh Ramadan (Palestine)
Florain Ramseger (Germany)
Runa Sandvik (Norway)
Luuk Sengers (Netherlands)
Sophie Sparks (UK)
Mokhtar Alibrahim (Syria)
Maiada Daoud (Iraq)
Attila Mong (Hungary)
Waruna Sanjeewa Liyanage (Sri Lanka)
Minna Knus-Galan (Finland)
John Silvester (Australia)
Nicholas McKenzie (Australia)
Alain Lallemand (Belgium)
Henrik Kaufholz (Denmark)
Mark Lee Hunter (France)
Luuk Sengers (Netherlands)

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