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Website launch of investigative journalism manual

4. november 2010 15:06

Johannesburg: The regional Media Programme of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) in South Africa announces the website launch of the Investigative Journalism Manual (IJM).

The manual is unique in that it is a training kit, while at the same time serving as a general source of information. Furthermore and crucially, its content has been and will be produced by African journalists, and the case studies reflect the continent’s reality. The manual includes a foundation section aimed at those new to the field, and also advanced material for the more experienced practitioners.

Frank Windeck, the Director of KAS’s sub-Saharan media programme says, “It is hoped that African journalists will make use of what the manual has to offer, and that the results of their work will strengthen existing democratic institutions, or serve as a catalyst to establish democratic structures where there are none”.

„When we began researching this manual, we discovered thousands of web pages devoted to the scope, techniques and dilemmas of investigative journalism. But there was one gaping hole: nowhere was information collated about the heroic contributions – and often sacrifices – made for the profession by African investigative journalists across the Continent”, Gwen Ansell, editor of the IJM.

Writing a history or complete account of African investigative journalism is outside the scope of this project. But on offer here, is a series of contributions – some current, some historical – on the topic, that will, hopefully, lay the foundations for further research, and also lay to rest decisively the myth that journalism which exposes social problems and criticizes the powerful is ‘un-African’.

The IJM is work in progress. While the initial eight chapters mark the foundation of the project, additional specialized sections are in the pipeline. Therefore, we would like to encourage users to give us feedback and suggestions in order to improve the manual.

The IJM is a joint project between KAS, the Forum of African Investigative Reporters, the Power Reporting Workshop of the University of the Witwatersrand, and the Centre for Investigative Journalism (CIJ).

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