Reporter’s Guide to Investigating Organized Crime

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Illustration: Ann Kiernan for GIJN

For details on this guide’s chapter authors, see the Acknowledgments page. Illustrations are by Ann Kiernan. Editing by Laura Dixon, Tanya Pampalone, and Reed Richardson. Andrea Arzaba was the project manager.

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Introduction / Table of Contents / Acknowledgments
Organized Crime - Money Laundering image
Chapter 1 - Money Laundering
Drug Trafficking image
Chapter 2 - Drug Trafficking
Organized Crime - Cybercrime main image
Chapter 3 - Cybercrime
Organized Crime - Disappearances main image
Chapter 4 - Forced Disappearances
Organized Crime - Human Trafficking image
Chapter 5 - Human Trafficking
Organized Crime - Arms Trafficking main image
Chapter 6 - Arms Trafficking
Environmental Crimes main Image
Chapter 7 - Environmental Crimes
Antiquities Trafficking main image
Chapter 8 - Antiquities Trafficking
Mafia States main image
Chapter 9 - Mafia States and Kleptocracies