Venezuelan Journalists Flee After Threats

Four Venezuelan journalists have fled the country after being threatened and sued for reporting irregularities in food distribution companies linked to the Maduro government, reports El PAIS. Investigative journalists Alfredo Meza, Ewald Scharfenberg, Joseph Poliszuk and Roberto Deniz of GIJN-member organization recently published two reports on inflated food prices within the government food distribution system at a time when the nation is coping with a food crisis. The stories exposed the continued relationship the Maduro administration has with notorious Colombian businessman Alex Saab. Following publication, the journalists were threatened. Saab accused the reporters of defamation and aggravated injury charges, which carry a prison sentence of one to six years.

Source: OCCRP

Posted on: February 8, 2018

Latin American Nations Defy Inter-American Court

Actions by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and Commission on Human Rights -- considered a last resort for journalist protection -- are being defied by Venezuela and Honduras. Both countries are members of the Organization of American States and the OAS human rights system, which binds them by treaty to actions by the court and commission, but such defiance is becoming common, according to Reporters without Borders.

Source: IFEX

Posted on: October 22, 2015

IPYS: Venezuelan Gov’t Manipulating Media Reports

For Marianela Balbi, executive director of the Institute of Press and Society (IPYS) in Venezuela, the government of President Nicolás Maduro is censoring critical media outlets -- with tactics like the blockage of live broadcasts of protests -- in an effort to prevent more people from joining the demonstrations. In poorer areas of Venezuela, where internet access is scarce, the only version of events people know is the one they learn from local news programs.

Source: Journalism in the Americas

Posted on: March 26, 2014