GIJN Demands Release of Rappler Editor

GIJN is joining the international journalism community in demanding Philippine officials release and drop charges against Maria Ressa, the executive editor and founder of the critical news website Rappler, who was arrested Wednesday. Officials arrested Ressa at Rappler's bureau in Manila over a cyber libel case filed against her by the Justice Department. The news group livestreamed the arrest, made by officers clad in civilian clothes, on its Facebook page. The charge relates to a 2012 story about local businessman Wilfredo Keng. Penalties for violations under the 2012 Cybercrime Prevention Act include imprisonment and fines.

Source: CPJ

Posted on: February 13, 2019

Rappler Registration Revoked in Manila

In a blow to press freedom, Philippine officials have revoked the corporate registration of Rappler, one of that nation's leading online news sites. The innovative and hard-hitting Rappler has gained worldwide attention for exposing the extent of extra-judicial killings under the presidency of Rodrigo Duterte. Citing "foreign ownership" by the US-based Omidyar Network, the move by officials evokes memories of anti-media attacks during the Marcos Regime of a generation ago.

Source: New York Times

Posted on: January 15, 2018