Media Are “Enemies of the People”: Trump

Battered by tough news coverage and a flood of leaks, Donald Trump this week lashed out at the news media in his harshest language yet, branding it "the enemy of the American People!" on Twitter. The comment brought widespread condemnation -- Republican columnist David Brooks called it "rhetoric straight out of the fascist playbook," and his own cabinet members backed away from the phrase. But it has left journalists wondering if Trump supporters may feel emboldened to launch physical attacks against the press.

Source: BBC

Posted on: February 19, 2017

Center for Investigative Journalism Targeted

Even in the US, investigative journalism nonprofits are not immune to attack. This week, state Republican lawmakers introduced legislation to force the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism out of its two-room office at the state University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. Charles Lewis of the Investigative Reporting Workshop calls it an "outrageous assault on press and academic freedom — not to mention truth and common sense."

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

Posted on: June 6, 2013

New Attack Alarms Colombian Journalists

An attack on a prominent Colombian investigative journalist has sent shock waves through that nation's media. Ricardo Calderon’s most recent investigative series for Semana magazine exposed the scandalously luxurious life of military officers jailed for such charges as murder and crimes against humanity.

Source: Washington Post

Posted on: May 13, 2013