Nils Mulvad

Nils Mulvad is a co-founder of the Global Network for Investigative Journalism and other international networks such as He was CEO for the Danish International Center for Analytical Reporting 2001-2006, European journalist of the year in 2006, and he also teaches data and web courses for journalists with focus on using social and mobile media.

linkedInProfileNils Mulvad is also co-founder of the new Danish Centre, Investigative Reporting Denmark. He is editor at Kaas & Mulvad and associate professor at the Danish School of Media and Journalism.

As a candidate for the new board in GIJN, he says:

I will work for GIJN to be really global, getting the conferences to spread to all part of the world. I have done a lot of the practical things for the network during all the years. Most of this is now done by the secretariat, which I very much support to continue under the guidance of David Kaplan.

I have been working especially on the content of the data track on several conferences, the new structure of GIJN with a board, keeping track of membership organisations, the website and social media.

I will continue to do practical stuff like this when it is needed, and support the secretariat to have the staff to do it. On the board I will work for being very inclusive to all membership organisations and their members.

The most important thing for the network is being the frame for people from different countries to meet, learn from each other, and then work together on cross-border projects.