How Foundation Funding Is Shifting International News

Funding by private foundations is filling gaps in mainstream news coverage, especially in areas like investigative, international and local journalism. However, researchers have found that this funding is inadvertently shaping the boundaries of international nonprofit journalism.

How Africa Confidential Covers the Continent with a Subscription Model that Works

In an era of digital media disruption, Africa Confidential has avoided the complicated revenue tools many news media have been forced to experiment with, like soft or metered paywalls, crowdfunding, programmatic ads, blockchain systems or slashed costs and access fees. Instead, the London-based political news group has defied global trends by not only retaining its old school subscription model, but actually increasing its annual cost to a sky-high 902 British pounds. Rowan Philp writes for GIJN on AC’s secret to success.

How Necessity Drives Media Innovation in Middle East, North Africa

Media startups from the Arab world have had to battle censorship, lack of funding and unstable political environments. In a roundtable hosted by GIJN in December at the Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism forum in Jordan, founders of four startups shared their innovation tactics to survive and thrive, including renting out excess office space, training, events and paid newsletter subscriptions.

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MOUs: How to Get Everyone on the Same Page for Collaborative Projects

As collaborative journalism becomes a common practice across the media industry, news outlets may need clear documentation to guide their projects. Drafting a memorandum of understanding between collaborating partners can help get everyone on the same page. Stefanie Murray, from the Center for Cooperative Media, gathered six MOU template examples as a guide.

Prospecção e cultivo: uma cartilha para captação de recursos

Fazer o seu grande plano de doações andar – ou mesmo começar um –  pode parecer uma responsabilidade e tanto. A cena filantrópica é extremamente competitiva, e a perspectiva de identificar e solicitar dinheiro a possíveis doadores pode parecer incômoda e intimidadora. Enquanto o cenário das iniciativas de jornalismo sem fins lucrativos floresce, com a abertura de novas fontes de receita e modelos de negócios para apoiar a produção de notícias, muitas organizações continuam a contar com grandes doações de fundações, indivíduos de alta renda, governos e organizações multilaterais para os investimentos mais significativos que elas precisam para sair do papel, sobreviver e prosperar. A competição por grandes doações é intensa. O setor de jornalismo cresceu fortemente nos últimos anos, o que significa que você está competindo com um número crescente de organizações.