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GITOC Organized Crime Index heat map

News & Analysis

Doc of the Day: 2023 Global Organized Crime Index

This week, GITOC released its second worldwide assessment, the 2023 Global Organized Crime Index, a eight-chapter report that found economic crises and political realignment have fueled global organized crime, which preys on the resulting civic instability, financial vulnerability, and shortage of food, fuel, and other commodities.


Under Threat, but United: GIJC23 Highlights

As GIJC23 wraps up in Gothenburg, Sweden, it’s clear that investigative journalism has grown stronger and more intelligent, and reporters have become more collaborative and united than ever before.

2023 Global Shining Light Award winners GIJC23

Awards GIJC23

Investigations from Nigeria, Venezuela, South Africa, and North Macedonia Win Global Shining Light Awards at GIJC23

The GSLA honors watchdog journalism in developing or transitioning countries, carried out under threat or in perilous conditions — and the 2023 competition attracted applications from 84 countries.

Anabel Hernandez new organized crime panel GIJC23


The New Organized Crime: How to Catch Up With Criminals

An all-star team of five journalism experts shared their approaches to investigating the ever-evolving world of organized crime.

healthcare investigations panel GIJC23 four women


Best Practices for Investigating Healthcare Issues

As the world’s health risks continue to evolve, dedicated health journalists have never been more important.

GIJC23 Reporting Tools & Tips

Global Collaborations and AI: Navigating the Future of Investigative Journalism

Three veteran journalists shared tips on maximizing the potential and navigating the pitfalls of artificial intelligence and cross-border collaborations.

Ron Deibert keynote speech GIJC23 Digital Subversion


Hacking Crisis: Citizen Lab’s Ron Deibert on How Investigative Journalists Can Fight Back

In a keynote speech at the GIJC in Sweden, Deibert laid out the new, fearsome digital threats facing the world’s watchdog journalists.

online research guide social media

Guide Resource

Online Research Guide with Henk van Ess

Online research expert Henk van Ess has created a seven-chapter guide that offers reporters step-by-step instructions on how to use social media search to perform investigations of people and subjects and he’s also created a detailed tutorial on using facial recognition technology and best practices for putting these tools together in verifying claims online.

Cyber digital threats reporting guide main image

Guide Resource

GIJN Reporter’s Guide to Investigating Digital Threats

GIJN’s Reporter’s Guide to Investigating Digital Threats gives expert advice from journalists and security analysts who are covering and working against the latest manipulation threats, including disinformation, malware, spyware, and trolling. The guide is part of an ongoing Digital Threats project, in which GIJN is working with Craig Silverman and a group of cutting-edge specialist […]

Nils Mulvad (middle), Brant Houston (left) and Giannina Segnini pondering the world of investigative journalism.

Inside GIJN

20 Years On, A Global Network for the World’s Investigative Journalists

As we prepare to gather for this year’s Global Investigative Journalism Conference, it seems a good time to share where GIJN and its conferences come from.