Who Owns that Corporation? Check Out GIJN’s New Resource on Corporate Records

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Photo: Samson Creative on Unsplash

Who owns that corporation? It’s a question often asked by investigative journalists.

To help find the answer, GIJN has prepared a new resource page to help reporters worldwide dig up information about corporations.

The good news is that there is a proliferation of nonprofit, free databases that collect relevant information, including millions of documents that can help you dig into corporations as never before. We highlight and describe these troves, as well as relevant commercial databases.

We have the lists to get you to the official national corporate registries. And detailed guidance on government records kept in countries with the largest economies.

Need more suggestions? We’ve got those, too. Plus materials for journalists on how to read corporate records.

As always, we appreciate comments and suggestions.  Please write us here.

Toby McIntosh is director of GIJN’s Resource Center. He was a Washington-based reporter and editor with Bloomberg BNA for 39 years and the editor of FreedomInfo.org, a nonprofit website. He also runs a blog, eyeonglobaltransparency.net.

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