“You’ll Never Walk Alone” — NR14 To Convene in Hamburg

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GIJN’s member in Germany, the good people at Netzwerk Recherche, puts on lively, engaged conferences every year. And they have great graphics to go with their programs (see above). Check out this year’s big event — You’ll Never Walk Alone, nr-jahreskonferenz 2014 — July 4-5 in Hamburg. The program includes journalists from a dozen countries, including legendary American muckraker Seymour Hersh, the folks from WikiLeaks, and Germany’s undercover master reporter Günter Wallraff.

Lots of other big investigative journalism events coming up, including summer schools and conferences of Investigative Reporters and Editors (San Francisco), ABRAJI (Sao Paulo),  and the International Conference on Investigative Journalism (Winnipeg). Details on these and other tribal gatherings are available on GIJN’s calendar.

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