January 1, 2015

Top Ten #ddj for 2014: The Year’s Most Popular Data Journalism Links

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collage 2014What has the data driven journalism (#ddj) crowd been tweeting about all year long? What are the most popular hashtags? The most searched domains? The top mentions? Now that 2014 is over, GIJN, with the help of Connected Action’s Marc Smith, reflects back on: a year of “things” (BBC), guesting with strangers in à la Airbnb (Le Temps), all of history in “one click” (Herodote.net), the genius of Edward Tufte, and so very much more!

These lists are determined by NodeXL, a social media network mapping program, which analyzed the past year’s tweets using the hashtag #ddj. See the full NodeXL map at the bottom of this list. Here, then, is the data on data journalism for 2014:

Top Mentions of 2014

Top Mentions1. DDJournalism
2. Digiphile
4. EdwardTufte
5. JeanAbbiateci
6. DataLeTemps
7. Chelm
8. AlbertoCairo
9. Date__Du__Jour
10. StKonrath

Top Hashtags of 2014

Top Hashtags 20141. DDJ
2. Dataviz
3. Opendata
4. Data
5. DataJournalism
6. Pioneer
7. Journalism
8. IJF14
9. DDJschool
10. Visualization

Top Domains of 2014

Top Domains1. herodote.net
2. gijn.org
3. instagram.com
4. towcenter.org
5. co.uk
6. nytimes.com
7. youtube.com
8. google.com
9. ijnet.org
10. theguardian.com

Top URLs of 2014

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