Top Ten #ddj: The Week’s Most Popular Data Journalism Links

Here are the hottest data journalism tweets for Jan 9-15, per our NodeXL mapping: DIY graphs (@nytgraphics); identifying megaregions (@undertheraedar); data reporting (@albertocairo); dataviz without data (@ddjournalism); colorizing images (@waseda_univ); Swiss climate shifts (@duc_qn); & more.

  1. Thanks, once again, to Marc Smith of Connected Action for gathering the links and graphing them.
  2. Fun "Draw It Yourself" Interactive Graphs: Pitting Your Perception of Obama's Performance Against Facts

  3. Using Open Data & Open Source Software to Explore U.S. Commute Flows Data to Identify Megaregions

  4. Analysis: Important to Look at Raw Numbers, Not Just Percentages in Data Reporting

  5. Indexical Visualization: Creating #Dataviz Without Data

  6. Tool: Recolours Black and White Images Using Artificial Intelligence

  7. More Than 150 Years of Swiss Weather Data Shows Changing Climate

  8. #Job

    : Financial Times Graphics Desk Newsroom Developer

  9. Slopegraphs for Comparing Gradients: Slopegraph Theory & Practice

  10. An Interactive Exploration of Boston's Subway System: How Congestion Affects Trains & Vice Versa

  11. Top Ten #ddj (Jan 2-8)

  12. For a look at Marc Smith's mapping on #ddj on Twitter, check out this map