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Estacio Valoi


Estacio Valoi is a Mozambican journalist and photographer who focuses on environmental crime and corruption in his country, Mozambique. He has recently worked on stories related to poaching of rhino and elephants as well as the vast amount of corruption in the gemstone and timber industries.

Valoi advises Oxpeckers on a broad range of environmental problems in the region. He has covered a range of environmental investigations for Zambeze daily newspaper and international media. He helped establish Zambeze and is newsroom chief editor in Quelimane, in northern Mozambique. His investigations have been featured by the Forum for African Investigative Reporters, German Radio Station DW, South African TV station (SABC), the Reuters Thompson Foundation, and e-TV.

In 2018, an investigation by Valoi, which revealed that criminal syndicates were often connected to the highest levels in government, led to his arrest in Montepuez, an area ravaged by destructive mining practices and forced removals of villagers. His report revealed that these crimes were also perpetrated by a local elite in cahoots with a multinational gemstones company.

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