Reporting on Migration in the Gulf: A Revised and Expanded GIJN Guide

Gulf Guide - Domestic Slave

Illustration: Marcelle Louw for GIJN

This updated and expanded guide was written in cooperation with Illustrations are by Marcelle Louw. The project manager was Majdoleen Hasan. Editing by Reed Richardson.

Gulf Guide Workers crane
Introduction / Table of Contents
Gulf Guide Chapter 1 - Passport_Witheld
Chapter 1: Best Practices
Gulf Guide Chapter 2 - Living Conditions
Chapter 2: COVID-19 Overview
Gulf Guide Chapter 3: Forced Labor
Chapter 3: Statistics and Studies
Gulf Guide Chapter 4: Workers Salary
Chapter 4: Essential Reading
Gulf Guide Chapter 5: Human Trafficking
Chapter 5: Guide to Experts
Gulf Guide Digital Buying
Chapter 6: Trafficking Case Studies
Gulf Guide Censorship
Chapter 7: First-Hand Reporting Accounts
Gulf Guide - Labor Camp
Chapter 8: Key Terms
Gulf Guide Living Conditions
Chapter 9: Trafficking and Forced Labor Glossary
Gulf Guide Bahrain
Chapter 10: Bahrain Reporting Guide
Gulf Guide - Kuwait
Chapter 11: Kuwait Reporting Guide
Gulf Guide - Oman
Chapter 12: Oman Reporting Guide
Gulf Guide - Qatar
Chapter 13: Qatar Reporting Guide
Gulf Guide - Saudi Arabia
Chapter 14: Saudi Arabia Reporting Guide
Gulf Guide - UAE
Chapter 15: United Arab Emirates Reporting Guide