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Guide Resource

Covering the Extractive Industries

Mineral extraction plays a dominant role in many economies and in the lives of billions of people. How can reporters dig into the benefits and costs? 

Guide Resource

Researching Corporations and Their Owners

This resource was last updated in 2023 by GIJN’s Toby McIntosh and Emily O’Sullivan. Investigative journalists play a crucial role in holding corporations to account, and have revealed labor abuses, environmental violations, corporate impunity and other instances of malpractice through deep-dives into companies and their owners. However, government records on corporations often reveal only the […]

Guide Resource

Online Research Guide with Henk van Ess

Online research expert Henk van Ess has created a seven-chapter guide that offers reporters step-by-step instructions on how to use social media search to perform investigations of people and subjects and he’s also created a detailed tutorial on using facial recognition technology and best practices for putting these tools together in verifying claims online.

Guide Resource

GIJN Reporter’s Guide to Investigating Digital Threats

Featuring expert advice from journalists and security analysts who are working to combat disinformation, malware, spyware, and trolling. The guide is part of an ongoing Digital Threats project, in which GIJN is working with Craig Silverman and a group of cutting-edge specialists to offer a unique cyber investigations online training program specifically tailored for investigative […]

Guide Resource

Asset Disclosure

Required disclosures by public officials about their income and assets can be invaluable to investigative journalists. And information about wealth and its sources can play a vital role in uncovering corruption. Official filings are often the starting point for classic follow-the-money stories. However, disclosure laws have gaps, so the public records don’t always reveal the […]

Guide Resource

GIJN’s Updated Guide to Planespotting and Flight Tracking

Investigative journalists have long used information about airplanes to uncover corruption, follow wars, track government officials, and point out the levels of greenhouse gases emitted. GIJN has now revised and updated its reporting guide to planespotting and tracking flights around the world.

Guide Resource

GIJN’s Guide to Undercover Reporting

In countries without public record transparency rules or strong source protection laws, going undercover can be one of the few tools reporters have to reveal public interest stories.

Guide Resource

Resources for Women Journalists – A GIJN Guide

Women and nonbinary journalists often encounter obstacles, whether they’re out reporting or when they’re back in their newsrooms. GIJN has gathered resources for those who want to connect, handle harassment, and address discrimination issues. We also provide advice and tips from great women investigative journalists that may serve as inspiration. This guide was originally published […]

Guide Resource

Business Tools

Here are tools to help small newsrooms with all the work that isn’t newsgathering: paying the bills; scheduling collaborative projects, and maintaining shared communication channels for team members; editing and posting a podcast; designing a graphic for social media and then seeing how well the post performs. With myriad products on the market all claiming […]

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