Our Members

Centro de Investigación de la Comunicación (CINCO), Nicaragua

The Centro de Investigación de la Comunicación (CINCO) is a research center specializing in democracy, media studies, and investigative journalism. CINCO works closely with the TV magazine “Esta Semana” and the digital newspaper Confidencial (www.confidencial.com.ni) to promote professional training for investigative journalism. Confidencial and “Esta Semana” have become references of quality journalism in Nicaragua and Central America.  

Centro De Investigación Periodistica (CIPER), Chile

Centro De Investigación Periodistica (CIPER) — Chilean Center for Investigative Journalism and Information — is a nonprofit foundation dedicated to investigative journalism and the pursuit of transparency. Created in May 2007, CIPER believes that the right of citizens to be informed is fundamental to democracy, so people are able to hold power to account.

Centro de Jornalismo Investigativo

Centro de Jornalismo Investigativo (Mozambique) is the first non-profit investigative journalism newsroom in Mozambique. Founded by a team of journalists and activists, it aims to bring journalism back to its essence: public service. To achieve that vision, it organizes workshops and seminars in order to promote the knowledge and practical skills of investigative journalism.

Centro de Periodismo Investigativo, Puerto Rico (CPIPR), USA

The Centro de Periodismo Investigativo (CPIPR) is a non-profit organization that promotes investigative journalism in Puerto Rico. Founded in 2007, it was the first non-profit group wholly dedicated to investigative journalism in the Caribbean. The CPIPR has done award-winning investigations, works for freedom of information in Puerto Rico, and trains young journalists. Also, the Center has an active legal program in which it uses the law to fight for documents and information access.

Centro Latinoamericano de Investigación Periodística (CLIP)

Centro Latinoamericano de Investigación Periodística (Costa Rica) has coordinated groundbreaking projects on public interest issues in Latin America, utilizing cross-border collaboration, data journalism, and on-the-ground reporting. Formed in early 2020, CLIP focuses on complex investigations and reporter development, and has already achieved significant impact in exposing disinformation, environmental exploitation, and abuses of power.

Coda Media

Coda Media (United States) is an award-winning non-profit newsroom dedicated to journalism that breaks through the noise of the news cycle and tells stories in context. Its global team of multimedia journalists investigates the trends that are shaping the world, stays on stories long after they have left the spotlight, and empowers readers to see the connections between seemingly unrelated crises.

Community of Investigative Journalists – Foundation 19/29, Czech Republic

Community of Investigative Journalists – Foundation 19/29 is an international NGO registered in 2015 in Prague, the Czech Republic by two independent Russian journalists. Its goals include: providing professional, financial, and legal assistance to independent Russian journalists in their investigations; helping investigative reporters and bloggers to develop their professional skills, using new media technologies, putting together professional journalism skills and potential of citizen journalism and social media to achieve high-standard broad investigative reporting. The group was formerly known as Foundation 19/29, but after they were included in the Russian government’s “foreign agents” list they re-registered in Prague while keeping some of their activities in Russia.

Connectas, Colombia

CONNECTAS is a non-profit journalism project that promotes the production, sharing, training, and dissemination of information with a transnational perspective on key issues for development in the Americas. CONNECTAS aims to create alliances with journalism and media organizations, and operating as a logistical hub that provides technical and professional support, facilitates training programs, and does fundraising for activities related to its mission.

Consejo de Redacción (CdR), Colombia

With more than 100 members in Colombia, CdR is the first organization to promote investigative journalism in its country. The work started in 2007 with training activities and now it has widen to several areas such as the creation of a database with more than 2 million data, a digital media study, the annual congress on investigative journalism, publications and more.


Convoca is an investigative journalism association made up of reporters, data analysts, and developers. The team research, teach, and collaborate, working in partnership with other independent initiatives, the media, and universities both in Peru and abroad. Convoca advocates the “intelligent” use of databases and a multidisciplinary approach to investigations and digital narratives.