Harassed: Reporting While Female

Nearly one-third of female journalists surveyed considered leaving the profession due to online attacks and threats. That’s according to “Attacks and Harassment: The Impact on Female Journalists and Their Reporting,” which was released by the International Women’s Media Foundation and TrollBusters last week. Researchers also found that 70 percent of the women surveyed experienced more than one type of harassment, threat or attack, while 52 percent of respondents have experienced an offense in the past year. Against a global backdrop that has changed significantly in the past five years both politically and digitally, the report describes how different actors are using physical and social media strategies against women journalists to intimidate, sow disinformation, discredit the journalist and the news media and create significant professional harm.

Source: IWMF

Posted on: September 17, 2018

Indian Trolls Threaten Life of Rana Ayyub

Online threats to award-winning Indian journalist Rana Ayyub have reached a dangerous level. In recent days she has been targeted with fake tweets falsely saying she has defended child rapists and said that Muslims are not safe in India. "Her face has been morphed in videos and content calling for her to be gang-raped 'if she didn’t stop talking against Hindus and [Narendra] Modi,'" according to the International Women's Media Foundation. And her address and personal phone number have been made public, opening the way for the cyber-attacks to become physical ones.

Source: International Women's Media Foundation

Posted on: April 27, 2018