News Quiz: Who Said What — Stalin, Mao, Orwell or Trump?

As US news organizations large and small join to denounce Donald Trump's war against the press, the tiny Voices of Monterey Bay is marking the day with an enlightening news quiz on press freedom. Find out if you know who said what on the media's role: Stalin, Mao, Orwell, or Trump. "We will make no arguments," say the editors, "but we expect you will likely reach a simple conclusion of your own by the time you complete the quiz."

Source: Voices of Monterey Bay

Posted on: August 16, 2018

A Call To Media Action in the Trump Era

In the wake of Donald Trump's sweeping victory, Washington Post media columnist Margaret Sullivan issues a call to action to the news media. "Journalists are going to have to be better — stronger, more courageous, stiffer-spined — than they’ve ever been," she writes. "Donald Trump made hatred of the media the centerpiece of his campaign... If January 2017 isn’t going to herald disaster for press rights... we’re going to need some heroes."

Source: Washington Post

Posted on: November 9, 2016