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Video Journalist, Open-Source Reporter, Visual Investigations

The Times’s Pulitzer Prize-winning Visual Investigations team is at the forefront of accountability journalism. We are looking for an exceptional Video Journalist with extensive open-source reporting skills to seize news moments and dig aggressively into a wide range of national and international topics. You will have a strong track record conducting investigations, cultivating sources, mining documents, analyzing visuals, and uncovering new information. The role will focus on ambitious investigative and explanatory work primarily on competitive news stories but also on longer-term projects.

The right candidate is someone who can take initiative on major stories and develop exclusive angles. You should have the know-how to find and vet visual evidence, connect dots around chaotic events, and use your range of open-source skills to problem-solve, reveal new insights, provide clarity and hold power to account. Experience turning those findings into videos or video-driven text articles is valuable, working in conjunction with our video editors and motion-graphics producers.

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