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Reporter – Disinformation, Extremism, and Technology

Big Tech shapes every news cycle, but its influence remains dangerously undercovered. Digital platforms, with new boosts from A.I., are flooded with disinformation. Search is broken. Access to quality information is imperiled. That chaos is damaging our democracy, and tilting public discourse toward deep-pocketed actors exploiting it for political and financial gain. All this gives extreme ideologies, and their accompanying conspiracies, a glide-path into the mainstream. How can readers make sense of it all—and fight back?

That’s where you come in. As a reporter specializing in disinformation, extremism, and technology, you will expose falsehoods, challenge extremism, and illuminate the role of technology in shaping politics and society. You have the fast-twitch instincts to go hard after a breaking story, as well as the sources to land big scoops in a highly competitive media environment. You’re equally at home turning around a short explanatory piece about the news of the day, as you are following the money for a deep-dive enterprise feature. You’re hungry to publish and to be part of the bigger conversations on the very platforms you’re covering.

Bottom line: You’re our in-house expert on the dynamics corroding our online ecosystem, and most importantly, what our readers need to know about it right now. You will conduct rigorous investigations, and provide critical analysis to deepen our understanding of this high-stakes drama playing out in real time. During an election year in which these issues will take center stage, you’ll be a go-to source for frequent and reliable reporting; in a word: indispensable.

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