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Newswire Editor

The full-time Newswire Editor will be responsible for the daily production of quick turnaround news briefs, breaking news summaries, and rundowns of Mongabay’s publications by overseeing a team of reporters who specialize in producing short-form news content. This new position is Mongabay’s first step towards the creation and launch of a short-form news product intended for non-technical audiences. This editor will develop and produce short-from content working closely with colleagues from across Mongabay’s newsroom to discuss story ideas and priority topics. The Newswire Editor will help establish Mongabay’s editorial standards for short-form reporting including the definition of publishing formats, sourcing requirements, and verification methods, amongst others. This role will supervise a team of reporters, write content, manage assignments, edit and adapt articles for different formats and channels, and ensure adherence to grant guidelines and reporting expectations. This person should have strong analytical skills and the ability to discern what articles are important and of interest to a more general audience. Knowledge and familiarity with environmental issues is a strong positive.

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