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Inkyfada is looking for an Arabic or French-speaking journalist to join the media. Your objective will be to produce journalistic articles for, in collaboration with all departments and internal or external collaborators participating in the creation of content, in line with the editorial line of the media.

What we are looking for:

A person with an excellent level of Arabic and/or French, a keen sense of organization, an innovative, open mind and an ability to work independently. Successful candidates must necessarily share the values ​​and missions of the organization.

Comfort in working in a demanding environment, the ability to adapt quickly and comfort in being part of a team, as well as strategic projects are also key qualities that we are looking for.

We value a keen interest in data journalism, investigative work and major reporting. Ideally, we are looking for candidates who also demonstrate a pronounced passion for environmental issues, thus demonstrating a particular sensitivity to the essential challenges of our time.

It is not necessary to have followed training in journalism to be eligible for this position, as long as you demonstrate solid writing, synthesis and analysis skills, as well as unfailing rigor for the veracity of the facts, relevance and accuracy of the content.

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