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Inkyfada is looking for a dynamic editor-in-chief to lead the editorial team of inkyfada and inkyfada podcast. Your objective will be to supervise, organize and control the quality of the content produced by the editorial team, in collaboration with all departments and internal or external collaborators participating in the creation of content, in line with the editorial line of the media.

In collaboration with the editorial management, you will be required to propose a strategy so that each story produced serves the editorial line of the media and meets its level of requirements and precision. You also need to ensure that each piece of content provides clarity and context or challenges preconceptions.

This person must not only understand Inkyfada’s mission as a counter-power, but also help define the organization’s unique role in this space. The ideal candidate must create and execute an ambitious plan with a team of multiple talents and expertise, identifying trends and topics that interest readers or impact their lives. You must also help your teams achieve their objectives and accomplish their public interest mission.

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