Report and Plan for the Process of Confirmation of Membership and Voting in Rio

The election group, Stefan Candea, Brant Houston and Nils Mulvad, has checked the membership list and prepared the practical voting in Rio. Before the meeting the plan was overseen by Margo Smit, who also will help in an election group at the meeting.

In the membership list there’s a total of 91 organisations. Two are inactive. And two don’t have an email. We have written to these last two organisations mail-system on their website, but didn’t receive any answer. We suggest to remove these four as members.
Sandor Orban has informed us that Seencar is not present anymore, so we also remove that organisation as a member.

The request to confirm membership and potential transfer of voting rights was sent to the remaining 86 organisations the 3rd of October 2013. A mail for reminder was sent to 60 the 6th of October 2013. And a third reminder was sent the 8th of October to 30 members. At the beginning of the conference we still missed confirmation from 17 members.

In total 59 members have then confirmed before the meeting. Of these 28 have changed the name of the representative for the meeting or given their voting rights to another by proxy.

At the beginning of the membership meeting we will ask if anybody representing an organisation has not yet confirmed membership. They will be allowed to vote at the meeting. Every voting right will be given a purple card to be used during voting.