Crowdfunding: Essential Reading

GIJN’s research provides tips on how to plan and carry out a crowdfunding campaign, names of national and regional crowdfunding sites, suggestions of useful tools to use. And some stories from those who have done it.

At GIJN’s 2019 Hamburg conference, Tamas Bodoky of Atlatszo in Hungary, elaborated on seven suggestions (see his tipsheet):

  1. Establish several different channels and platforms to receive donations
  2. Aim for a high number of recurring small donations
  3. In iliberal countries people prefer to donate anonymously.
  4. Merchandise drives crowdfunding
  5. Advertise your crowdfunding heavily
  6. Be creative, funny, and personal in your crowdfunding campaigns
  7. Measure what works, and what does not

For more information, see GIJN’s Resource Page:

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