Female Journalists Fight Online Harrassment

Women journalists are far more likely than male journalists to be targets of online harassment, which quickly descends into graphic sexual and physical violence. Here’s what you — and your newsroom — can do to deal with the issue.

The Best New Ways To Transcribe

So you’ve got the interview and are ready to transcribe. Whether you’re looking to transcribe yourself, want to try out the latest transcription app, need an automated service or a freelancer to help you out, here’s an overview of 28 tools that can help you efficiently turn audio into text.

Get Your Google Earth On: A Trainer’s Guide

This ready-made course by Mike Reilley from The Journalist’s Toolbox is great for beginners or for trainers. It covers Google Earth Pro, Google Earth Engine Timelapse and Google Earth for Chrome and comes complete with ways to implement Google Earth into your own multimedia and specifics on teaching it in data journalism courses — all the way down to suggested assignments.

Podcast Rising: From Novelty to Blockbuster

The podcast got a major boost with the wildly popular Serial and hasn’t slowed down since. Susan Valentine rounded up a brief history of the humble podcast, showcasing best practices, useful tools, success stories, some of the latest research findings — and why it’s a great outlet for investigative journalism.

Защита источников: Чеклист. Что необходимо проверить перед публикацией секретных документов

Необычные документы могут привести к резонансной публикации – а также к страшным проблемам для источников и уязвимых групп населения, если их использовать без достаточной осмотрительности. Иногда тяжело приостановиться в спешке перед публикацией статьи, но некоторые размышления над характером публикуемой информации, над тем, что необходимо опубликовать, что может быть использовано неожиданным способом, и что может навредить людям, могут предотвратить реальные проблемы.

How They Did It: Enslaved Land Investigation

More than 20 journalists worked across four countries to uncover the hidden abuses behind the production of sugar, cacao, bananas, coffee and African palm with slave-like conditions for workers, illegal business practices and sustained environmental damage. Here’s how they did it.

Lessons on Solving the Media Membership Puzzle

Membership programs are in a state of rapid evolution as more organizations see them as an imperative way to diversify revenue. The Membership Puzzle Project, a public research project into membership models, spoke to publishers around the world who have membership programs to find out what they have learned.