Document of the Day: Online Pest Control for Journalists

It is unfortunately becoming easier and easier to harass journalists online through the use of technology such as bots, with the intent to intimidate and silence truth-tellers. These attacks can be relentless and if left unchecked, can be a real threat to journalists’ mental health and reputation. To deal with these online “pests,” TrollBusters created an infographic that offers clear steps on how to deal with various types of cyberviolence ranging from doxing to sexually explicit photos.

Mojo Workin’: Choosing Your New Mojo Smartphone

When it comes to doing mobile journalism, is there a big difference between expensive Androids and iOS phones? Is using an old phone fine and, if not, which phone should one upgrade to? Mobile journalism trainer Ivo Burum offers up the skinny on phone basics, the truth about pixels, lenses and more to help journalists decide the best phone to get the story done well.

Essential Reading: A Cheat Sheet for Open Source Digital Security Options

What’s the best way to protect you and your sources from commercial spyware? When the actual systems and applications used in everyday communications aren’t transparent and lack adequate security measures, using open source programs with encryption can be the best line of defense. Katarina Sabados rounded up some options for open source digital security for GIJN.

How Innovative Newsrooms Are Using Artificial Intelligence

Many in the journalistic profession fear Artificial Intelligence will leave them without a job. But AI could become the savior of the trade, making it possible to better cover the increasingly complex, globalized and information-rich world we live in. Open Society Foundations’ María Teresa Ronderos writes about the ways some of the world’s newsrooms are using it now.

সাংবাদিকতায় যেভাবে ব্যবহার হচ্ছে কৃত্রিম বুদ্ধিমত্তা

কয়েকটি বড় বার্তাকক্ষ এবং সংবাদ সংস্থা কিছু দিনের জন্য খেলাধুলা, আবহাওয়া, শেয়ারবাজারের গতিবিধি এবং করপোরেট পারফরম্যান্সের মতো খবরাখবর তৈরির ভার কম্পিউটারের হাতে ছেড়ে দিয়েছিল। অবাক করা বিষয় হলো, যথার্থতা ও ব্যাপকতার বিচারে মেশিন, কিছু সাংবাদিকের চেয়ে ভালো কাজ করেছে।