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Ron Deibert keynote speech GIJC23 Digital Subversion


Hacking Crisis: Citizen Lab’s Ron Deibert on How Investigative Journalists Can Fight Back

In a keynote speech at the GIJC in Sweden, Deibert laid out the new, fearsome digital threats facing the world’s watchdog journalists.

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Peru’s Investigative Journalists Carry On Amidst Disinformation, Attacks, and Political Crisis

Amidst disinformation and numerous attacks on press freedom, investigative reporting has all but disappeared from Peru’s major news outlets, leaving a handful of small nonprofit digital outlets to carry the mantle of accountability reporting.

Safety & Security

How Investigative Journalists Can Fight Back Against New, Enhanced Surveillance Threats

A panel about the “brave new world” of surveillance at the 2023 IPI World Media Congress in Vienna discusses success stories around the world of journalists and activists pushing back against new and enhanced surveillance methods.

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The Latest on Coping with Internet Shutdowns and Online Censorship

The National Press Club recently hosted a panel of cybersecurity and digital experts to discuss the latest in government internet shutdowns and online censorship — and how journalists can work around these challenges.

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Press Freedom Safety & Security

Hungarian Investigative Newsroom Átlátszó Targeted in Pro-Government Smear Campaign

Hungarian investigative media outlet Átlátszó and its editor-in-chief, Tamás Bodoky, have become targets in the latest smear campaign by pro-government news outlets, aimed at discrediting what remains of the country’s independent media.

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Forensic Tools Open New Front for Using Phone Data to Prosecute Journalists

Like spyware, forensic tools can access everything on a phone or computer, but unlike spyware, such tools are in widespread, open usage in democracies as well as more repressive regimes. Their use has accelerated threats to the press while protections and public awareness lag behind.

Reporting Tools & Tips Safety & Security

6 Ways the Internet of Things Poses Security Threats to Journalists

The Internet of Things can pose many threats to journalists — at home, in the office, and in the field. To help us understand them, a cybersecurity researcher examines these threats across several categories along with real-world examples.

Safety & Security

Investigative Journalism: Safety and Security for Asian Journalists – A Free Training Program

GIJN has partnered with the Centre for Investigative Journalism, the Freedom of the Press Foundation and the Judith Nielsen Institute to offer a unique safety and security training program specifically tailored for investigative journalists and others in watchdog newsrooms. It will be delivered online through hands-on practical training sessions with some of the world’s leading journalism safety trainers.

CPJ 2022 Global Impunity Index

Press Freedom Safety & Security

Document of the Day: 2022 Global Impunity Index Finds ‘Vast Majority’ of Murders of Journalists Go Unsolved

To mark the International Day to End Impunity for Crimes Against Journalists, the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) released its annual report on the state of justice for attacks on the press around the world. It found that no one has been held accountable for 80% of all journalist murders in the past decade.


Safety & Security

Why Small Investigative Outlets Lead the Way on Newsroom Digital Safety

Some of the most significant progress in newsroom information security over the past decade has been in smaller, more recently-formed digital startups — many of them investigative outlets. They are proving they can effectively incorporate strong information security strategies into their highly adaptive and responsive workflows.