The Toolbox: Digging for People, Trawling the Web and Keeping Yourself Safe

Effective digital investigative research relies heavily on gathering small pieces of information on a person or group and combining those to build a more comprehensive picture. Being able to find things like email addresses, usernames and sites with which they have accounts helps build out a profile that can be used for further investigation. GIJN’s Alastair Otter rounds up some tools worth checking out.

Khashoggi’s Spirit Lingers Over Arab Investigative Journalism Conference

More than 450 journalists gathered at the 11th Annual Forum of the Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism in Jordan earlier this month. The gathering took place just two months after journalist Jamal Khashoggi was brutally murdered at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, as new details of his assassination continued to surface.  

Arab Investigative Reporters: Life On The Edge

In the seven years since the Arab Spring, hope has given way to deep disappointment. Arab officials are increasingly operating with impunity, and by failing to question, investigate and then reveal, journalists are indirectly complicit. Rana Sabbagh, executive director of the Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism calls on journalists in the Arab world not to remain silent bystanders in the face of wrongdoing.

Como compartilhar documentos sensíveis, minerar o Twitter e monitorar alterações em sites


Quando se trata de gerenciamento de documentos, uma das minhas ferramentas favoritas é o DocumentCloud. Alguns dos excelentes recursos do DocumentCloud incluem sua capacidade de criar versões em texto de PDFs e gerar estatísticas a partir dos arquivos que você sobe no sistema. Mas e se você precisar analisar milhares ou até centenas de milhares de documentos? Então, provavelmente você vai querer dar uma olhada no Overview, uma ferramenta de mineração de documentos construída tendo jornalistas investigativos em mente. O Overview pode importar documentos de diversas fontes, incluindo o DocumentCloud, e pode manipular desde algumas dezenas de páginas até milhões de páginas.