Fun with FOIA: How MuckRock Is Making Public Records Requests Cool

Public records sometimes say the darnedest things. One example: A declassified memo from 1977 shows that the NSA wondered if psychics could nuke cities so that they became lost in time and space (yes, like in the post-apocalyptic anime Akira). Other times, it’s what they don’t say — like when the FBI found it necessary to redact the name of Superman’s alter-ego, Clark Kent.

GIJN’s Regional Editors Featured at London’s Frontline Club

Most investigative journalists and others interested in our work don’t know much about what goes on behind the scenes at GIJN. But on April 10 at the Frontline Club in London, over 100 people heard about the challenges faced by GIJN’s regional editors and the journalists they work with around the world.

Want To Help Investigative Startups in the Global South? Fund Them.

A new report highlights the obstacles to survival for media startups in the Global South, and checks in on the progress of two dozen of them to see how they’ve fared over the past three years. It includes advice from some of these outlets’ editors for those thinking of launching their own startups. A recurring theme: Before you do anything else, secure a couple years’ worth of funding.

A 11ª Conferência Global de Jornalismo Investigativo: um aperitivo


A Conferência Global de Jornalismo Investigativo é o maior encontro mundial de jornalistas investigativos e de dados. Conhecida como “The World Expo of Muckracking”, as conferências já reuniram mais de 7.000 das pessoas mais ativas do mundo da mídia desde 2001. Realizada bienalmente, as conferências são amplamente reconhecidas como peça fundamental na rápida expansão global do jornalismo de dados e do jornalismo investigativo. #GIJC19 – marcada para os dias 26 a 29 de setembro, em Hamburgo, na Alemanha, será nossa 11ª conferência. Nós esperamos a presença de mais de mil jornalistas de 130 países.

Présentation de la 11e Conférence internationale sur le journalisme d’investigation

La Conférence internationale sur le journalisme d’investigation est le plus important rassemblement de data journalistes et de journalistes d’investigation au monde. Depuis 2001, ces conférences ont réuni depuis plus de 7.000 professionnels provenant de toute la planète. Organisées une fois tous les deux ans, ces conférences jouent un rôle clé dans la rapide expansion au niveau international du journalisme d’investigation et du data journalisme. #GIJC19, qui aura lieu du 26 au 29 septembre à Hambourg en Allemagne, est la 11e conférence que nous organisons.  Un millier de journalistes provenant de 130 pays différents devraient y être présents. Des bourses sont prévues pour permettre aux journalistes vivant dans des pays en développement d’y assister.

The 11th Global Investigative Journalism Conference — A Sneak Preview

The Global Investigative Journalism Conference is the world’s largest international gathering of investigative and data journalists. Called “The World Expo of Muckraking,” the conferences have brought together over 7,000 of the globe’s most enterprising people in media since 2001. Held only once every two years, the conferences are widely credited with playing a key role in the rapid global expansion of investigative and data journalism. #GIJC19 — scheduled for this September 26-29 in Hamburg, Germany — will be our 11th conference. We expect over a thousand journalists from 130 countries.