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Investigating Children's Issues panel GIJC23


‘Make Them a Participant in Their Story’: Investigating Children’s Issues

When reporting on children’s issues, it’s essential to treat them as individuals in their own right and give them agency over the telling of their stories.

visual investigations panel GIJC23

GIJC23 Reporting Tools & Tips

How Old-School Field Reporting Powers High-Tech Visual Investigations

Forensic visual investigation has rapidly become a critical method of journalistic inquiry, thanks to new technologies, innovative skills, and the global ubiquity of social media imagery.


Following the Money, from Laundromats to Central Banks

How did three reporters investigate complex financial stories featuring Nigerian billionaires, Eurasian oligarchs, and the head of Lebanon’s central bank?


Under Threat, but United: GIJC23 Highlights

As GIJC23 wraps up in Gothenburg, Sweden, it’s clear that investigative journalism has grown stronger and more intelligent, and reporters have become more collaborative and united than ever before.

investigating asia press crisis

GIJC23 Reporting Tools & Tips

‘The Worst Crisis for Press Freedom’: How to Report in Asia’s Challenging Environment

From investigating prisons to stolen sand and child brides, three award-winning journalists share their experiences reporting from a region experiencing a press freedom “crisis.”

war crimes documenting GIJC23


The Power of Documenting War Crimes — and How to Do It

Reporting on war crimes is essential in building the proof that opens the door to accountability, but it also goes further, by preserving and protecting a society’s memory and dignity.

2023 Global Shining Light Award winners GIJC23

Awards GIJC23

Investigations from Nigeria, Venezuela, South Africa, and North Macedonia Win Global Shining Light Awards at GIJC23

The GSLA honors watchdog journalism in developing or transitioning countries, carried out under threat or in perilous conditions — and the 2023 competition attracted applications from 84 countries.

Anabel Hernandez new organized crime panel GIJC23


The New Organized Crime: How to Catch Up With Criminals

An all-star team of five journalism experts shared their approaches to investigating the ever-evolving world of organized crime.

Investigations to Save Democracy panel at GIJC23

GIJC23 Reporting Tools & Tips

Why Investigative Reporters Should Look for the ‘Termites’ Eroding Democracy

Four editors — and veterans of the global push-back against autocracy — discussed effective methods for holding the enemies of democracy accountable.

undercover investigations tips GIJC23


Reporting of the Last Resort: Tips for When — and How — to Conduct Undercover Investigations

Certain stories require access or information that interviews, open source documents, or data analysis can’t provide.