Political Cartoonist Zunar to Keynote IJAsia18 in Seoul

Famed Malaysian political cartoonist Zunar will keynote the 3rd Asian Investigative Journalism Conference this October 6 in Seoul, South Korea. A cartoonist since 1973, Zunar (Zulkiflee Anwar Ulhaque) has attracted international attention for his sharp satirical humor and coverage of corruption and abuse of power.

INN Joins 350 US Papers in Call for End to Trump Harassment of Press

Join journalists across the US who are asking the public to stand up for their rights to free speech and an open government. While the effort started as a campaign by the Boston Globe to ask the President of the United States to stop attacking the news media, Donald Trump’s attacks on the press aren’t ultimately about the press. It’s about the people.

Harcèlement en ligne des journalistes: les 25 recommandations de RSF

Dans un rapport intitulé “Harcèlement en ligne des journalistes: quand les trolls lancent l’assaut”, Reporters Sans Frontières  (RSF) a récemment mis en lumière la nouvelle menace pesant sur les journalistes: les pressions et les insultes sur les réseaux sociaux, destinées à les intimider et les forcer au silence. Une menace que l’organisation a documenté via ses douze bureaux et son réseau international de journalistes correspondants. RSF a élaboré 25 recommandations (ci-dessous) pour que les gouvernements, les organisations internationales, les plateformes en ligne, les médias et les annonceurs puissent répondre à ces violentes campagnes de dénigrement en ligne. 

Online Harassment of Journalists: RSF’s 25 Recommendations

A new report by Reporters Without Borders is helping to shed light on the latest danger for journalists – threats and insults on social networks that are designed to intimidate them into silence. The organization has put forth these 25 recommendations for governments, international organizations, online platforms, media companies and advertisers to respond to these virulent online campaigns.

Peru’s IDL-Reporteros Stands Up to Prosecutors

Peru’s IDL-Reporteros was facing pressure from the Peruvian judicial and legislative authorities to reveal its journalistic sources after publishing a report revealing alleged acts of corruption in the judicial system. But after a push back by journalists and civil society, prosecutors have rescinded their orders.