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10 Questions

Fighting for Investigative Journalism in Ukraine, Even in the Fog of War

Valeriya Yegoshyna spent years investigating high-level corruption in Ukraine, but now focuses on investigating allegations of war crimes committed by Russian forces on Ukrainian territory.

podcast visual investigative storytelling

News & Analysis

Podcasting Goes Visual: How Video Can Help Investigative Storytelling Reach New Audiences

Podcasts are quintessentially an audio medium, but to reach newer and younger audiences, many shows are now beginning to add video elements to the traditional format.

data journalism global water stress Washington Post

Data Journalism

Data Journalism Top 10: Global Water Stress, Fentanyl Proliferation, Maui Fires

With stories about global water stress, the boom in fentanyl trafficking at the US-Mexico border, the devastating fires in Maui, and strategies for taking penalty kicks.

Reporting Tools & Tips

How to Quickly Get to the Important Truth Inside Any Privacy Policy

An investigative data journalist and a former tech lawyer teach you how to spot tricks and hidden disclosures within these interminable documents — and even how to claw back some privacy.

expose child sex trafficking online

Case Studies

Lessons Learned from Exposing Child Sex Trafficking Online

A reporting team provides the backstory of the Guardian’s years-long investigation into the world of online child sex trafficking.

10 Questions

Straddling Two Worlds as an Investigative Journalist: ARIJ’s Hoda Osman

Hoda Osman, executive editor at Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism (ARIJ), discusses how she still covers the region while based in the US.

News & Analysis

GIJN Bookshelf: 9 Investigative Titles to Better Understand Latin America

This latest installment of the GIJN Bookshelf offers a compilation of recommended investigative books from reporters across Latin America. 

Case Studies

How Journalistic Teamwork Uncovered Years of Regulatory Failure in Texas

The authors give a behind-the-scenes look at their investigation into a massive chemical fire in Houston in March 2019.

Getting Started in Investigative Journalism Methodology

Tips For Backgrounding Unknown Subjects in Time-Critical Situations

Investigative projects are often likened to marathons. But, every now and then, watchdog reporters need to sprint. In a recent IRE23 conference session, experts shared tips on how to unearth background facts about little-known people on short notice. 

2023 Candidates for GIJN’s Board of Directors

This August and September, member representatives of GIJN will vote to elect 7 members of its 15-member Board of Directors. Here is a list of candidates who have submitted their names for GIJN’s Board of Directors.