Comment développer l’enquête à l’échelle locale

Le déclin de la presse locale s’est considérablement accéléré ces dernières années dans de nombreux pays occidentaux. Au Royaume Uni, 228 journaux locaux ont fermé depuis 2005, dont 40 rien qu’en 2017, selon Press Gazette. Aux Etats-Unis, selon une étude publiée récemment par l’Université de Caroline du Nord, c’est 1800 journaux locaux qui ont fermé en moins de 20 ans, des dizaines de comtés n’ayant plus aucun journal du tout.

MOUs: How to Get Everyone on the Same Page for Collaborative Projects

As collaborative journalism becomes a common practice across the media industry, news outlets may need clear documentation to guide their projects. Drafting a memorandum of understanding between collaborating partners can help get everyone on the same page. Stefanie Murray, from the Center for Cooperative Media, gathered six MOU template examples as a guide.

New Models: How Academics, Nonprofit News and Government are Collaborating

The Global Reporting Centre has launched an ambitious project investigating labor abuse, environmental impact and corruption in global commerce. Here’s the Centre’s Peter W Klein on how Hidden Costs will bring together award-winning journalists, scholars and major media organizations — including the New York Times, PBS Frontline, the Toronto Star, Smithsonian Channel, NBC News, DigitalGlobe and Google News Labs — to undertake investigative-reporting projects.

IndonesiaLeaks: Officials Attack First Investigative Report From Whistleblower Platform

Top officials in Indonesia are dismissing the first collaborative investigative report from IndonesiaLeaks, which was released earlier this month. The report, which implicated a top police official in a bribery case, has resulted in a massive social media campaign aimed at discrediting the investigation, while one of the group’s media partners was hit by a denial of service attack, knocking it offline for several hours.