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Distribution, Collaboration, and Freelancing: A GIJN Guide

From where to pitch to how to avoid being sued, and how much you should be getting paid for your work: a new, nine-part GIJN-resource covers the business side of doing investigative journalism. The guide covers a variety of subjects, aiming to help both individuals and media institutions by providing practical tips and advice.

Guide Resource

Freelancing: Platforms That Earn Income for Writers 

There are a growing number of sites that help writers earn money while self-publishing. Whether these are right for you will require research. In this section, we are not exploring the many places that help create websites, newsletters and blogs, or looking into the plug-ins that permit sales and subscriptions. Nor are we getting into […]


New Sources of Media Funding on the COVID-19 Pandemic

বাংলা |Español The pressing need for good reporting during the COVID-19 pandemic has encouraged a growing list of donors to offer grants to journalists. Looking for more resources on covering COVID-19? Be sure to check GIJN’s Resource Center. In addition, offers of aid to publishers are emerging in light of the increased financial pressures on small […]

News & Analysis

Tips on Making FOIA Requests About COVID-19

Despite government restrictions, journalists around the world are using freedom of information laws to understand the COVID-19 pandemic and the response of international, national, and local authorities. GIJN’s Toby McIntosh outlines how to craft an effective freedom of information request and provides tips and suggestions on where to make requests and important questions to ask.

Case Studies

Governments Delay Access to Information Due to COVID-19

Governments around the world, some which have sent workers home, are announcing interruptions in responding to freedom of information requests. Journalists are being told to expect delays in more than a dozen countries. But press freedom advocates warn that countries are taking big steps backward just when the free flow of information is most needed. GIJN’s Toby McIntosh rounds up some of the nations which have been affected.

Case Studies

Investigative Journalism on the COVID-19 Crisis

Journalists around the world are investigating many angles of the coronavirus pandemic. GIJN has collected some of the best reporting to date, hoping these 50 examples from 17 countries will inspire even more investigative journalism.