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Upcoming Event

Latin American Investigative Journalism Conference (COLPIN)
06–09 December 2023

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Bangla Editor

Global Investigative Journalism Network
Remote - Bangladesh preferred
Deadline: 20 December 2023
Reuters protest map

Data Journalism Top 10

Extrajudicial Killings in Bangladesh, Israel-Palestine Protests, China’s Maritime Footprint

Featuring stories on extrajudicial killings in Bangladesh, protests about the Israel-Gaza conflict, China’s global maritime footprint, and a memoriam for Philip Meyer, a pioneer of data-driven journalism.

Past Event

ARIJ Annual Forum
01–03 December 2023

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Past Event

African Investigative Journalism Conference
20–22 November 2023

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The Australian Broadcasting Corporation did a deep dive into the results of the unsuccessful referendum on giving Indigenous people a permanent voice in government.

Data Journalism Top 10

Visualizing War in Israel and Gaza; Australia’s Indigenous Voice Vote, Aging Taiwan, Romance Novel Covers

Featuring the first-round results of Argentina’s presidential election and a closer read of Australia’s “No” vote on Indigenous recognition.

New York Times Graph Deaths of Israelis and Palestinians Data Journalism

Data Journalism Top 10

Data Journalism Top 10: Israel-Hamas War, Breathing Machine Defects, Loneliness Epidemic, and Nobel Prize Winners

Featuring the New York Times’ mapping of the recent events in the Israel-Hamas war, ProPublica’s investigation into defects of a company’s breathing machines, and El País’ gender analysis of Nobel Prize winners.

Past Event

Double Exposure Investigative Film Festival
02–05 November 2023

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data journalism Amazon border armed groups

Data Journalism Data Journalism Top 10

Data Journalism Top 10: Armed Groups in the Amazon, US Gun Exports, and Myanmar’s Airstrikes

This edition highlights a cross-border exposé of the different underworld groups operating in the Amazon’s border areas, and a look at the global impact of violence from US gun exports.

Data Journalism Data Journalism Top 10

Data Journalism Top 10: Wagner’s Corporate Network, Barbie’s Career History, and Spain’s Election Results

GIJN’s weekly round-up of the Top 10 in Data Journalism looks at the Wagner Group’s vast corporate network in Russia, the many careers of Barbie, and Spain’s surprising election results.