GIJN Launches Webinar Series: Investigating the Pandemic

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Join GIJN and guests for our series of webinars, Investigating the Pandemic. We’ve assembled experts on health reporting, infectious disease, trauma, and financial survival to help journalists navigate the difficult waters ahead. Stay in touch on these and other events by subscribing to the GIJN Bulletin.



  • How to Turn Local COVID-19 Stories into Investigations — Video
  • COVID-19 Mobile Journalism — Video
  • How to Understand & Handle COVID-19 Data — Video
  • Planning A Pandemic Investigation — Video


  • COVID-19: How to Combat the Infodemic — Video
  • COVID-19: Investigations for Now and Thereafter — Video
  • How to Continue Investigating During the Pandemic — Video
  • Safety and Security for Broadcast Workers During COVID-19 — Video
  • Safety and Security for Camera Journalists During COVID-19 — Video


  • How to Protect Yourself — Video
  • Investigating the Pandemic: Lines of Inquiry — Video
  • Scientific Approach to the Coronavirus — Video
  • Digital Security for Investigative Journalists —Video


  • How to Investigate COVID-19 without Leaving Home: OSINT tips — Video
  • Who Makes Money on Coronavirus: Looking at Foreign Registries — Video
  • High-speed COVID-19 Investigations — Video
  • Effective Promotion of COVID-19 Stories on Social Networks — Video
  • How to Find Real Estate of Corrupted Officials in Europe — Video


  • Investigating COVID-19: Lessons from the Epicentres — Video, Story
  • Covid-19 Beyond borders — Video, Story
  • Data journalism in Latin America during the pandemic— Video, Story
  • Investigative journalism in indigenous territories during the pandemic — Video, Story
  • Monetization and sustainability in times of COVID-19 — Video, Story
  • How to succeed as an investigative freelancing during the pandemic — Video, Story
  • How to do investigative podcasts in a global pandemic — Video, Story


  • How to Cover COVID-19 News while Staying Safe — Video

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