Making Nonprofit Newsrooms Sustainable

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Dear Colleagues, 

The Global Investigative Journalism Network (GIJN) will be holding a two-hour session at the upcoming ARIJ conference in Jordan on Making Nonprofit Newsrooms Sustainable. It will focus on two areas, in particular, fundraising and running a well-managed, strategically focused organization. Each topic will start with a short introduction from an expert. The expert will then engage in dialogue with representatives of two organizations in the region to work through specific issues brought to the discussion by those organizations. 

Others in the audience will observe the process and ask further questions about these and related issues, challenges that probably affect all journalism nonprofits in their efforts to build sustainability. 

If you are attending the conference and are interested in playing an active role as a speaker in our session – either to raise your fundraising or management challenges, please complete the following form and send it (as well as any questions you may have) to Majdoleen Hassan, GIJN’s regional editor on this email: 

Please note that in addition to providing the information below, some preparation will be required in advance. Also, the session will be in English. 

Please answer the questions below and return to Majdoleen Hassan no later than Wednesday 6 November 2019 on this Email:

Organization Overview:

  1.  What is your name?

2.  What is your organization’s name?

3. Where are you currently based?  [Please list a location – country and city.  If you are a distributed organization, please list “Distributed Organization”]

4. How would you describe your main audience?

– Geographic (focused on investigations targeting a specific region)
– Linguistic (focused on investigations targeting a specific language)
– Topical (focused on investigations targeting a specific topic – corruption, the environment, …

5. How long have you been operating?

– Currently in planning stages, pre-operations
– Less than 1 year
– 1 Year to 3 years
–  3 Years or more

6. Does your organization have a website or digital location?  If so, please give us the URL beginning with https://

7. The size of my journalism organization is: 

– Under five people

– 5 – 20 people

– Over 20 people

– Over 50 people 

8. Size of annual budget:

– Less than €100,000

–   Less than €500,000

–  €500,000 to 1 million

–  €1 million to 2 million

–  Over €2 million 

9. Breakdown of current revenue streams in percentages (roughly).

–  Foundation grants

–  Small donations 

–  Membership/subscription

–   Events, training, sale of content, sale of data 

–  Other (please specify)

10. Please let us know which part of the session you would like to be a speaker: 

– Fundraising OR

– Managing a non-profit 

11. Please give us a short description of three critical challenges you wish to raise and discuss in front of an audience at the conference? 


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