GIJN’s Fundraising Primer for Nonprofit Media Groups

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One of the leading requests GIJN receives is for help with fundraising. With the global spread of nonprofit media, journalists are looking for new ways to raise funds and re-structure the business side of their news organizations.

GIJN asked for advice from fundraising expert Bridget Gallagher, who helped launch the GIJN secretariat and has raised millions of dollars for nonprofits. Here is her newly revised Fundraising Primer.

Bridget Gallagher is the founder and principal of New York City-based Gallagher Group, LLC. With more than 20 years of fundraising experience, and more than a decade of that spent spent working with journalism and media organizations, Bridget works closely with organizations throughout the world to help make their major gifts efforts more efficient and effective. She specializes in working with mission-driven news organizations to help them define a fundraising plan, identify top prospects, and put in place the processes and routines that allow organizations to tell their stories and build fruitful relationships with their donors. Connect with her on Twitter, LinkedIn or via e-mail.

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