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What’s the global data journalism community tweeting about this week? Our NodeXL #ddj mapping from July 24 to 30 has @qz comparing the cost of Trump’s golf trips to transgender healthcare, @visualisingdata sharing a chart-making directory and graphics guru @EdwardTufte applying Ezra Pound’s 23 “don’ts” for writing poetry to design.

Trump’s Golf Trips vs. Trans-Soldier Healthcare

Quartz pointed out a flaw in the conservative argument that letting transgenders serve in the military was a tremendous medical cost burden and disruption. It highlighted that Trumps’s six months of Mar-a-Lago trips is likely to cost more than a year of U.S. military transgender health care.

Data Literacy Activity Matrix

Staff at the School of Data realized their expectations of — and the actual value of — data literacy events were mismatched. They came up with a matrix that shows the benefits of each short term or long term activity.

The Chartmaker Directory

Which tool do you need to make that chart? Andy Kirk answers that question in his directory. It’s Kirk’s attempt to gather a catalog of references of what charts can be made using which tools and, where necessary, how.

All-in-One: Writer, Coder, Designer

Digital journalist Benjamin Cooley shares tips and the lessons he learned from writing, coding and designing his own longform data-driven feature story.

Digging into Data Journalism

The Associated Press recently updated its AP Stylebook with a new data journalism chapter. Interactive Newsroom Technology editor Troy Thibodeaux explains how data journalism has evolved and why data skills are essential for every reporter.

Q&A on Dataviz

ProPublica’s Lena Groeger shares her favorite data visualization challenges and her data toolkit. This Q&A by Columbia Journalism Review is the second of a series of interviews with visual journalists who write code and work with data.

Using Data to (Re)build Trust in Media

Data journalist Eva Constantaras writes on data journalism as a powerful force in developing countries — by revealing inequalities in health, education and justice journalists can not only inform citizens but also rebuild trust in the media.

What Is Quality Open Data?

Data Journalism Turkey (Veri Gazeteciliği Türkiye) lists seven key characteristics of good quality open data — including consistency and having a policy.

Ezra Pound’s “Don’ts” For Writing Poetry

Does Ezra Pound’s list of 23 “don’ts” for writing poetry relate to design thinking? Graphics guru Edward Tufte thinks so. The rules state that each verse should be lean and purposeful, with no frills or filler to provide padding.

Digital Humanities + Data Journalism

This symposium at the University of Miami, held from September 14-16, 2017, will see plenty of lectures and tutorials about shared data types, visualization methods and data communication. There will also be opportunities for casual conversation and networking.

Thanks, once again, to Marc Smith of Connected Action for gathering the links and graphing them.

For a look at Marc Smith’s mapping on #ddj on Twitter, check out this map.

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