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The Journalist Survival GuideHere’s a novel Journalist Survival Guide, produced by the Beirut-based Samir Kassir Foundation (named after the late Lebanese journalist and intellectual Samir Kassir). This engaging animated guide is designed to primarily aid journalists and activists working in war zones and conflict areas, but also includes tips on digital security and covering your tracks — even for those of us with  experience in this realm. Among the topics: How do you protect a valued source’s identity? How can you securely store sensitive data? And what if you want to really, truly and permanently delete information from your hard drive?

Produced by the SKeyes Center for Media and Cultural Freedom at the Kassir Foundation, the guide displays a dozen short videos and tutorials in English and Arabic. While all of the topics covered are worthwhile — even for those of us experienced in these matters — here are some interesting samples to get you started:

What To Do In Case of Shooting Nearby

Important First-Aid Practices 

What To Do in Case of Tear Gas Attack 

What Are Your International Rights

Protecting Your Source’s Identity

Defending Against Hacking & Malware

Permanently Deleting Sensitive Data

Storing & Sharing Sensitive Information

Ensuring Mobile Security

 For more information about The Journalist Survival Guide and other projects of the Samir Kassir Foundation, contact the foundation at this link

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  1. i am humayoon working as a journalist that so under conflict and conservative society and country by the name of Afghanistan dozens journalist shot death and tortured and detained i need to protect guide and tips , if you have any useful information regarding issue please share with us by my personnal email address. with best regards

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