Swiss Investigative Journalists Network launches website

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As of today, the Swiss investigative journalists network’s website is online. The website is an outlet for Swiss investigative journalists to share openly about research, research techniques and research obstacles.

Here members will find practical tips and tricks and a platform for exchanging experiences. 

About two dozen people are behind the website, from the same club is run. 

But this platform needs the cooperation of all interested parties. The more knowledge you share, the better the research and thus the programs and articles. So everywhere there is the possibility of direct mail for comments or suggestions, corrections or additions. 

Exchange is fun, brings further one and nurtures a passion for good is also a lobby for research concern. So we are currently in discussions with prosecutors about the sometimes onerous position of authority in issuing penalty orders and setting orders.  

And finally, coach and we teach young journalists to help, but also at conferences such as the Herzberg-conference with or organize training courses for experienced searchers (see agenda ). Practitioners for practitioners are just inside. research knowledge is shareware. We are convinced.And our experiences are open source. At least for members. And member can be any full-time journalists.

(Translated from Swiss to English from link below)

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