July 14, 2014

Emergency Aid for Journalists

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PrisonOur colleagues are under threat around the world. Since 1992, more than a thousand journalists have been killed, and thousands more are victims of assault, intimidation, imprisonment, and persecution.

A number of organizations provide emergency support to journalists in danger. Assistance ranges from medical and legal aid to moving a targeted journalist out of the country. If you are in genuine danger, don’t hesitate to reach out — there is help available.


The Committee to Protect Journalists: The New York-based CPJ runs a Journalist Assistance Program which provides legal, medical, and relocation assistance to journalists at risk, along with support for families of slain and imprisoned journalists.

RSFReporters Without Borders (Reporters Sans Frontières): Paris-based RSF provides financial assistance to journalists and news organizations to help defend themselves, and to the families of imprisoned journalists.

Free Press UnlimitedReporters Respond Free Press: This Dutch media development NGO has Reporters Respond, an international emergency fund that provides direct assistance to journalists and media outlets. The group aims to respond to requests within 24 hours.

IWMFInternational Women’s Media Foundation: The IWMF provides medical aid, relocation assistance, and legal help to “full-time or freelance women journalists working in print, broadcast or online media in any country. Candidates employed by organizations whose main objective is not journalism will not be considered.”

kalityfondenKality Foundation: The main purpose of this Sweden-based fund is to provide financial assistance to reporters and photographers worldwide who are imprisoned because of their profession.



Lifeline Fund: The Lifeline Embattled CSO Assistance Fund provides emergency financial assistance to civil society groups under threat or attack, including journalist organizations. Backed by 17 governments and foundations, Lifeline offers short-term emergency grants for such expenses as medical help, legal representation, trial monitoring, temporary relocation, security, and equipment replacement.

MDLIMedia Defence Legal Initiative: The London-based MDLI offers help to journalists, bloggers, and independent media under legal threat, and also provides funding to organizations for legal assistance or litigation activities that safeguard media freedom.

Rory PeckRory Peck Trust: Based in London, the Rory Peck Trust provides support to freelance newsgatherers and their families worldwide through its Freelance Assistance Programme.


TazRest and Refuge Fellowships are available to journalists under fire in countries suffering from war or other crises. Sponsored by RSF and the Taz Panter Foundation, the program provides travel and residency for up to three months in Berlin.

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